Our Charitable Objects:


Our charitable objects are to 'promote and protect the mental and physical wellbeing and health of NHS workers (current or former employees/workers) through the provision of facilities or services, conferences and events for the benefit of NHS workers.'

Registered Charity No. 1169571


HOTHS Activities:

CAKEATHON: We run a weekly 'Cakeathon' which is powered by volunteer bakers! They bake and then nominate who they'd like the sweet treats to go to. We then present the nominated team with the cake as a way of saying thank you for all they do. In 2018 we reached over 800 NHS staff members with cake!

TIME OUT DAYS: We run monthly Time Out Days for NHS staff. These days are specifically designed for NHS staff and help staff to engage in time for themselves. The day gives staff a time to relax, focus on their own health and learn new skills to help build resilience. There is a focus on Mindfulness throughout the day and gives staff a chance to relax, reflect and unwind. Over 70 staff members (to date January 2019) have now been on these days and given us incredible feedback. 

GIFT and CAKE DROP OFFS: We have had several requests which we've been delighted to fulfil to visit specific teams and conferences to thank big groups of staff. We've also sent individuals who've been nominated gifts to say thank you for all they do for the NHS. 

THANK YOU DINNERS: We host Thank you dinners for groups of NHS staff simply to thank them for all they do. These are contributed to by the community in which the NHS teams work. 

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