As Heart of the Health Service, we exist for the support of NHS workers. We strongly believe that showing compassion makes a huge difference to others. We believe that compassion is the key to staff well being, which in turn will benefit those in the care of the NHS.


Beth Hutton - Founder and CEO of Heart of the Health Service.

Beth is married to Andy and they have a son and daughter. Beth qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2005 and worked for the NHS for 10 years as an OT and Employment Advisor within the Mental Health trust in Lincolnshire. Throughout her career she began to see the pressure and stress that NHS workers can be under. Since 2008, Beth organised and ran conferences for NHS workers in partnership with churches all around the country. In 2015 she finished working within the NHS and set up Heart of the Health service for NHS staff members of all faiths or none. She has a passion to see NHS workers cared for and shown that they are valued. Beth has seen the impact that showing compassion towards NHS workers can have and wants to see this impact far and wide. 

Clodagh ClarkTrustee 

Clodagh is married to Adam and has a daughter. Clodagh is a Speech and Language Therapist. She was born and raised in Ireland but now lives and works in Lincoln. She has a passion for the patients she works with, in Rehabilitation and in the Community. Clodagh was brought up without the NHS where she lived, she has a fresh appreciation of the Health service and feels passionate about how fortunate we are to have this service within our country. Clodagh has been involved in the events held in Lincoln to thank NHS workers, she has seen first hand the impact that such events have had on her team. Clodagh is a living example of valuing people and brings an excellent pastoral perspective to the board. 

Steve Fouch – Trustee

Steve is married to Debbi and they have three children. Steve has formerly worked in Community Nursing, HIV and AIDS and palliative Care. Steve shares the passion to value and care for NHS workers. Steve works alongside his colleagues to support and empower Medical Professionals. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the NHS and other health care settings. Steve is well connected and has great relationships with several healthcare organisations throughout the country. He has a great perspective of the NHS and its current issues and brings this to the board.

Professor Chris Summerton – Chair of Trustees 

Chris is married to Debbie, has 5 children grandchildren too. Chris is an experienced Consultant Gastroenterologist in Manchester. He is committed to providing quality care for patients in his own practice and the wider NHS.  Chris has worked within several healthcare settings and has a passion to see NHS workers treated well and valued. He has seen first hand, the growing pressures on NHS staff and believes that showing compassion towards NHS staff has a huge impact.