Why Help NHS Staff?

Healthier, happier and less stressed NHS workers means that they are more productive and more able to look after patient’s entrusted into their care

(Boorman Review 2009) 


Most NHS workers are in the job because they are passionate about people and caring for others, and don't see 'going the extra mile' as anything special. Not every NHS worker feels overwhelmed and undervalued but sometimes, working in the NHS can take it's toll. The staff sickness bill is £2.4 Billion a year, which means £1 in every £40 of the NHS budget is spent on this. The two main causes of staff sickness are mental health and musculoskeletal problems.

(Public Health England 2015) 

(01 April 2009, Jocelyn Cornwell and Jenny Firth-Cozens, Kings Fund)  

We believe that showing compassion and care towards NHS workers can make a huge difference and that this is needed now, more than ever.